Several years ago, a friend of ours that has Celiac’s Disease begged us to come out with a gluten free cookie.  The category was new to us, so we had to do some research.  To say the least, it wasn’t as fun as it sounds…testing out desserts for flavor combinations, quality and taste.  The gluten free desserts had a long way to go at the time.  We bought some other gluten free products at our local grocery stores and we could not believe how many of the gluten free cookies we tasted were inedible.

So, we partnered with a certified gluten free, nut free facility to help us create a gluten free cookie option that people could enjoy.  We spent nearly two years perfecting our recipes, making sure that it was difficult for the customer to tell the difference between gluten free cookies and “gluten full” cookies.  Today, we offer four delicious gluten free cookie options:  Milk Chocolate Chunk, Snickerdoodle, Double Chocolate, and White Chocolate Cranberry.

All of our gluten free cookies are made with all-natural ingredients, premium chocolate, real eggs and a blend of gluten free flours.  And since all of our gluten free cookies are also nut free cookies and come individually pre-packaged, they are great for schools and for those that need to live a gluten free lifestyle.   You can find them in select locations in the Chicago area, but you can also order them online in one of our elegant gift tins to deliver direct to your home or place of business within two days.