Discover Your Dad’s Perfect Cookie Match this Father’s Day

June 5, 2023
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If your dad was a cookie….

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate your dad than with a handmade, gourmet cookie that perfectly reflects his one-of-a-kind personality?

It’s often said that people take on the appearance or attributes of an important part of their everyday life.  We’ve all seen the person that looks exactly like his English Bulldog, or the person who seems disheveled and their desk looks like a tornado blew through the office.  It’s no different when someone is passionate about their favorite cookie.

Keep this idea in mind when you give your dad a gift box of handmade Carol’s Cookies this Father’s Day.  Sure, you can order him our gourmet assortment that has something for everyone…or you can win the favorite child award by showing him just how well you know dad with a box full of half-pound cookies that perfectly matches him. Your father, in cookie representation.

Here are some examples of our handmade cookies you can order online that may speak to your dad best:

Chocolate Chip Cookie

This dad has been around the block and seen a thing or two in his day.  Diplomatic and agreeable, he’s friends with everyone and has never had a family blow-up with your uncle over what should go on a hotdog.  What he lacks in spunk, he makes up for by being universally liked.

Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookie

This is the dad who never raised his voice or gave out harsh punishments.  Always sweet and supportive and goes above and beyond.  In your youth, he was the dad who got called no matter which of your friends had the flat tire.  He adapts easily and can solve any problem.  A well-rounded guy that can build on his base as needed.

Snickerdoodle Cookie

You’ve heard of the extroverted-introvert?  It’s him.  He’s not always the go-to and chooses carefully where to spend his energy, but when he’s in it, he’s in it to win it!  Quick-witted and skilled at sprinkling in some spicy zingers without overstepping his boundaries and offending.   Comes off unassuming, but keeps you on your toes.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

For the father who does his research and tells it to you straight.  Your glass isn’t half-full, or half-empty, it’s got 8-oz of water in it.  A purist at heart, he pays attention to the current trends but finds it always comes back to the basics.  A bit of a health-nut.

Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Combo Cookie

The guy everyone wants on their team from pickleball to Pictionary.  The greater the pressure, the better he performs.  As long as you don’t mind that his delivery can be a little salty.  Accomplished but always humble.

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie

This dad is living large and wants everyone to know!  He knows he may not be the one you lean on in a pinch, but he’s comfortable in his own skin and owns it!  More is more in his mind, and personal indulgence rules all else.

Toffee Crunch Cookie

Total over-achiever and not one to be satisfied by the standard version of anything.  He thinks outside the box, and you have to admit- it’s always a little better and a little more fun when this guy’s in charge.  Eternal optimist that always preached that “the sky’s the limit” and encourages you to never settle…always follow your dreams.

Whichever cookie reminds you the most of your dad, you can be guaranteed that it will always be completely handmade with all-natural ingredients in our family-owned bakery in Northbrook, Illinois.  For this Father’s Day, we know your dad would be delighted with one of our gourmet cookie gift boxes of any flavor.

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