Get to Know Two Long-Time Carol’s Cookies Employees

March 14, 2023
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Carol started selling her one-of-a-kind, handmade cookies to the masses almost 45 years ago.  Of course, her original recipe is still around, and so is Carol.  She’s just as involved in her cookie business today as she was then.  People are often surprised when they call into the bakery or come by to pick up an order that it is actually Carol who answers the phone or greets them at the door.  But, Carol and her recipe aren’t the only ones with staying power.  Employee retention has always been a key to Carol’s success.

Meet Carol’s Cookies employees, Jose and Hortencia!

The Carol's Cookies employees

While they haven’t been around from the very start, they’ve been with Carol’s Cookies for over 20 years.  Between the two of them, they’ve done every task and held every position from packaging to hand-making cookies, stuck around through two bakery moves, and helped Carol’s Cookies grow from less than 500,000 cookies a year to currently making over 10 million cookies a year.

Jose stepped up when we needed a new mixer and has now been running our mixers for the last 17 years.  We have to estimate that Jose is personally responsible for making dough for  over 35 million cookies.  His favorite cookie flavor is our relatively new Pumpkin Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Carol's Cookies baker

Most days you’ll find Hortencia standing at the table with a big bowl of dough in front of her, handmaking cookies.  After all these years, her favorite part of working for the bakery remains the same:  It’s Carol herself!  Her sweetness has made it hard for Hortencia and many others leave our small-batch bakery.

Carol's Cookies employee baking cookies

So, while we continue to create new flavors and cookie sizes, expand to bigger bakeries, sell our cookies at new retailers, and update our branding and packaging… we’re happy to say some very important and wonderful employees have stayed with us through it all.

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