Catch-Up with Carol

July 9, 2023
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How Carol’s Cookies Became What it is Today

Last year Carol’s Cookies made over 10 million cookies by hand, our biggest year yet.  It’s been a work in progress over the years spreading the word about Carol’s and getting enough hands-on-deck to turn out that volume of cookies.  And, certainly a far-cry from the first night Carol stayed up baking 50 pounds of cookies in her kitchen in Highland Park, IL for a local grocer- her first retailer!  Now  you can find Carol’s Cookies across the United States at many upscale retailers as well as order our gourmet cookies online and to ship cookie gift boxes nationwide.

After baking her famous cookies for over 40 years, we were curious about her favorite moments, when she thinks she’ll hang up the apron, and if she still loves her cookies as much as the public do.

Questions with Carol Goldstein

Question:  Carol, you’ve watched your cookie business grow into an empire over the last few decades.  Can you recall your favorite moments?

Carol:  I have two moments I can think of.  The first was when PEOPLE Magazine called my house phone on Thanksgiving Day in 1983 to ask me to submit my cookies to a national cookie contest they were holding for an upcoming story.  I was just baking out of my house at the time and was honored to even be considered.  Even better, in the end I won 4th best cookie overall and voted “Best Looking Cookies”.

“My other favorite moment was when Jeff came into the business in 1998.  He worked in all facets of the bakery for six months, and then presented me with a business plan to grow our distribution throughout the United States.  When he started baking with me, we were making 300,000 cookies a year by hand.  Last year, we made over 10-million cookies by hand!  I would have never believed that if you told me when I first started and could have never reached this milestone without my son.”

Question: You’ve put your heart and soul into growing Carol’s Cookies to what it is today (and keeping your recipe secret!). And, you still are in the bakery every day, most often the voice a customer hears if they give the bakery a call.  When do you think you’ll retire?

Carol: Never!  Sorry Jeff, you’re stuck with me!

Question: Do you still eat your cookies?

Carol: Every day!  I will snack on a fresh cookie out of the oven, but it must have nuts!  But, I do share the wealth.  I give out a few dozen cookies a day to the mailman, delivery drivers, doctors, employees at the stores I visit, friends, and neighbors.  I literally carry them in purse and have enough restraint to save them for others to enjoy, too.

How You Can Get Your Hands on Carol’s Cookies

The true essence of Carol’s Cookies is that they are made with the same homemade goodness today as they were 40+ years ago.  If you haven’t already tried Carol’s handmade cookies, you can buy her cookies online here for delivery right to your door.  We dare you to try and have the same restraint Carol does and share them instead of keeping them all for yourself!

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