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Carol's Story

When I was growing up in Saginaw, Michigan, I baked with my mother in our kitchen making various cakes, pies and cookies for holiday parties. I spent the next twenty years perfecting my most popular baked goods, my chocolate chip cookie and my oatmeal raisin cookie. I never imagined my cookie recipes would turn into a national cookie company, but my friends and family persuaded me to approach a local, upscale grocery store with my homemade cookies. The bakery manager asked me to bring several dozen the next day to see if the cookies would sell.

I stayed up baking all night and brought 50 lbs. of cookies to the store the following morning. In record time, all eight dozen sold out completely.

The manager told me to..."Go home and start baking!" And from that day forward, my half-pound creations were known as Carol's Cookies.

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In 1983, my cookies were named the 4th best cookie overall in the United States by PEOPLE Magazine. Many of the judges thought my cookies were the best tasting and voted them the "best looking cookie in the nation" ahead of such competition as Mrs. Fields and Famous Amos. It was an amazing honor considering that I was virtually unknown and merely baking out of my own home at the time. After my cookie company gained national acclaim, I started selling my cookies throughout the United States in upscale gift shops and epicure departments in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, New York and St. Louis.

In 1990, I decided that Carol's Cookies would begin offering gift packages that would be sent fresh from our bakery directly to your home or office insuring that we would guarantee freshness and handpacked quality every time. Our packaging has gone through some modifications over the years, but the cookies inside the tins still contain the same quality of ingredients and homemade taste that my customers have grown to love for over a quarter of a century.

Today, Carol's Cookies are still sold at upscale grocery stores, gift shops, and specialty shops throughout the United States in thirteen gourmet flavors all handmade in our bakery daily. And we offer all fifty states the opportunity to order my homemade cookies online, to be delivered right to your front door in 48 hours or less. It's no wonder that for more than three decades Carol's Cookies has been known as "More Than Just a Cookie...." Try them for yourself and see. I promise that you cannot find a better cookie than mine anywhere.

From Carol

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