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Handmade Cookies

Our signature gourmet cookies weigh nearly a half-pound each. Taste the real butter and hints of brown sugar in every bite. Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, they’re a gourmet indulgence! Watch what makes them so special…


Gourmet Cookie Gifts

From holidays, birthdays and thank-yous to customized corporate gifts, show your appreciation with handmade cookies baked with love from Carol’s Cookies.

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Handmade Quality, Homemade Taste

Over 35 years ago, I began baking in my own kitchen to provide friends and family with my handmade, gourmet cookies. Each irresistible cookie is still handmade in our bakery and can be delivered to your home or business in elegant gift tins.

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Thanks, Mom! (aka Boss)

Mom’s…they’re the best aren’t they?  They carry you for 9 months, they bandage up your skinned knees, they sew your Halloween costumes, they help with college admissions, they’re always there to give you life advice, and if you’re lucky, they give you a job too.   In 1979, Carol’s Cookies was born as a hobby out of Carol’s home kitchen, and she sold her first cookie at a local fitness center. … More

Let’s Stop These Valentine’s Day Mistakes

Valentine’s Day is a difficult holiday to navigate.  If you just started dating, what’s an appropriate gift that’s thoughtful, but doesn’t scare them off?   If you’ve been committed to your partner for years, it might feel like another “Hallmark”” holiday just to get you to spend money…but you still wouldn’t want to show up empty-handed.  Whatever your situation may be, you’re probably searching for the perfect gift.  And maybe you… More