The Gift That Keeps on Giving

We get pretty excited when we hear all of your glowing feedback about our cookies.  But what makes us even happier than hearing you love the taste of our massive, handmade with love (and all the good ingredients) cookies?  When we hear about how you were gifted a tin of Carol’s Cookies and it made your day, your month, or even your year!


So, as we’re prepping for the holiday season, the long days, the weekends in the bakery…we thought we’d put together a reminder of why we do it.  Here’s our favorite feel good comments about gifting the gift of Carol’s Cookies!




Are you thinking about gifting Carol’s this holiday season?  After these gift recipient’s feedback we don’t know why you wouldn’t be.  But, there’s no time to wait!    Visit our website here for individual gift tin orders or fill out this form to get in contact about bulk and customized orders.