Pairing Carol’s Cookies with your Favorite Fall Drinks

September 17, 2017
homemade apple cider in a clear mug
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Fall. Is there any other season that gets people so excited for seasonal treats? Sure, summer has fruity cocktails and winter has eggnog…but they can’t hold a candle to fall. Fall lets you start to indulge in hot drinks that warm your hands while enjoying the vibrant colors and last days of sunshine in crisp air. But, fall also invites you to raid the spice cabinet and introduce bold, aromatic flavors that get your senses going.

Because of these intense or rich flavors, it takes a delicate balance to find the perfect compliment to your favorite fall drink fix. You wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed, would you? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.

Explore our favorite cookie flavors paired with popular fall drinks

Cider with Toffee Crunch Cookie

Carmel apples anyone? Hot or cold, cider brings the spicy sweet, but needs our smooth, handmade Toffee Crunch Cookie to really even out the flavors.

Mulled Wine with the Carol’s Brownie Cookie

A red wine and chocolate pairing is a no brainer. The mulling spices with dry red wine are able to tackle the over-the-top chocolate experience of our rich, Chocolate Brownie Cookie.

Double Chocolate Brownie


Pumpkin Spice Latte with the Old-fashioned Sugar Cookie

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of flavors going on in a pumpkin spice drink. They taste almost identical to a pumpkin pie, but are missing one essential thing- the crust! That’s why we recommend pairing our buttery sugar cookie with your favorite pumpkin spice beverage to fill the crust void and make a well-rounded dessert.

Hot Cocoa with Carol’s Cookies Snickerdoodle

Unless you’re having a Mexican hot chocolate, this drink warms your hands, but can bog you down with too much sweetness. Just spice it up! We recommend our perfectly cinnamon spiced Snickerdoodle Cookie to cut through the sweet and get you into the mood of the season.

Ginger Beer and Oatmeal Chocolate Cherry

Not always your first thought for a fall beverage, but our Oatmeal Chocolate Cherry Cookie isn’t always your first cookie choice (It’s okay, we know…) But the spice of this drink craves the sweetness of dried cherries and smooth dark chocolate. This pair will give you all the fall feels, trust us!

What’s your favorite fall drink combo paired with Carol’s Cookies? Order your favorite gourmet cookies online today.

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