Chicago Food Entrepreneur Series: Meet Dan Klein of Tiesta Tea

March 20, 2016
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Chicago foodie entrepreneurs are one-of-a-kind. They exhibit drive and creativity in ways that continue to astound us! As part of our series, we spoke with Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Klein, about the methodology that makes Tiesta Tea not only unique and intriguing, but also practical.

Dan Klein

Get to know Dan Klein, Co-Founder and CEO of Tiesta Tea

Klein and his team have come full circle (literally) in providing loose leaf tea in innovative combinations. They brought experiences they had abroad back to the U.S. to develop a brand headquartered in River North that now provides teas globally. Their teas are marketed by the way they taste, which contain real fruit and herbs, how they should be prepared, and the benefit to the consumer enjoying the finished product.

Tiesta Tea team
Describe your business: We make exotic blends of loose-leaf tea categorized by function. We customize recipes that use full fruits and herbs to enhance the all-natural flavor.


How did you get into the food business? In other words, what was your inspiration? Our inspiration came from a study abroad trip my business partner Patrick and I took to Prague. We were blown away by the unique flavors and plethora of teahouses and wondered why we weren’t seeing it back home.

What’s your favorite food? Scallops, no question – Nothing like fresh seafood.

When did you have your first Carol’s Cookie? I had my first Carol’s Cookie after graduating college, when I was 22.

What do you associate Carol’s Cookies with? If I had to use one word, it would be handcrafted.

What is your favorite thing about Carol or her cookies? I love the story and the fact that they are truly handmade and all-natural cookies. There are very few cookies at the grocery stores these days that can claim this.

If you were to create the perfect flavor for a Carol’s Cookie, what would it be?
Chocolate Peanut Butter with a vanilla swirl!

A special thanks to Dan for taking the time to give us feedback on Carol’s Cookies and speak about Tiesta Tea.  Hey, Dan, which Tiesta Tea beverage would be a great combination with one of Carol’s Cookies??  Hmmm, new flavor in the making?

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