Chicago Food Entrepreneur Series: Meet Corey Kaplan of NYC Bagel Deli

March 20, 2016
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Chicago is a city that’s passionate about food and hard work.  Many of you know our great city for “Chicago Style” hot dogs, pizza and Italian beef. On the sweeter side of life, there are iconic companies like Garret’s Popcorn, Eli’s Cheesecake (and Carol’s Cookies!) that have left quite an impression.  On the restaurant front, we’re grateful for Lettuce Entertain You. And for the best quick lunch you’ve ever had, there’s NYC Bagel Deli. And these are just a few…



Out of respect and appreciation for our fellow foodies, we wanted to introduce you to “the brains behind the tastes.” We hope you enjoy getting to know some of the people behind your favorite local eats!


Our first interview is with Corey Kaplan, founder of NYC Bagel Deli.  Who doesn’t love NYC Bagel Deli’s ridiculously amazing homemade cream cheese, fresh bagels and Boar’s Head deli meat & cheese?! Oh yeah, and if you’re really a true Chicagoan, you’ll grab a Carol’s Cookies to top it off!

Meet Corey Kaplan!


Where can we visit a NYC Bagel Deli?

We have three main locations: River North, Lincoln Park and South Loop. We also make NY Style thin crust pizza at the Citigroup Center food court in Ogilvie Station and sell our pizza “slices” at the River North location.

Describe your business.


My business is New York Style in Chicago… WHOAAA! So, we walk a fine line.  We have the BEST New York Style kettle boiled bagels, homemade cream cheese and Boar’s Head brand meats and cheese.

How did you get into the food business?

I got into the food business 30 years ago in New Jersey. All Jewish boys worked at a bagel shop!

What’s your favorite food?

An everything bagel with chive cream cheese, lox, tomato, capers and red onion.

When did you have your first Carol’s Cookie?

My daughter Nikki bought me a chocolate chip cookie years ago and ever since then we have been selling 20 dozen per week!!!

What do you associate Carol’s Cookies with?

Carol’s Cookies are true comfort food to me. A cookie in the microwave with chocolate chip ice cream on it, WOWWWWW!!!

What is your favorite thing about Carol or her cookies?

The fact that Carol is answering the phones and still “in the daily mix” – I LOVE IT!!!

If you were to create the perfect flavor for a Carol’s Cookie, what would it be?


Thanks for taking the time to hang out with us Corey!  After writing this post, it’s safe to say we’ll see you around lunch time!

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