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March 31, 2016
Carol's Story
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It’s obvious that the one thing people care most about – after the actual taste and size of our cookies – is the creator of our cookies: Carol! Every time we have a candid photo, a sampling event, or an update about Carol we’re overwhelmed by the positive response, enthusiasm, and care Carol’s Cookies fans have. We wanted to give you, our fans and cookie lovers alike, the chance to ask Carol any questions you might have about her personally, her cookies, or her business at-large with a series of posts called #AskMeAnything.

We reached out to all of you via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out what you wanted to know and got the answers straight from Carol. In case you missed it, we wanted to share some of our favorite questions, and Carol’s honest answers with you now.

Q: Jamie D asked: What were you involved in before you made cookies?
A: I was a social worker.

Q: Peter M asked: Do you use a convection oven?
A: We use big commercial ovens, which are convection.

Q: Cheryl F. asked: How do you come up with new flavors?
A: We marry flavors we like in other desserts and find ways to create that flavor in a cookie.
We’re working on a few fun new flavors now! Stay tuned.

Q: Stephanie D. asked: Besides your own…do you consider any other cookies to be your favorite?
A: I love Wedding Cookies…full of nuts and dry but sugary. Something about those cookies brings me back to my childhood.

Q: Nicole F asked: Why do your cookies taste so much more amazing than any other cookie ever?
A: We use pure ingredients like farm fresh butter, premium chocolate, and we still crack our own eggs. Oh, and we still make our cookies by hand unlike most of the cookies you’ll find in a store.

And of course, there were some questions Carol couldn’t answer. Hey- she said #AskMeAnything, she didn’t say she would answer everything!

Q: Nacy S. asked: would love it if you could answer this though…how do you get the cookies to stay so thick and puffy?
A: That’s a trick I just can’t divulge, taking it to the grave with me!

Did you miss the postings across our social media channels but still have a question to ask Carol? Now’s your chance! We’ll take all other questions by simply posting on our facebook page, tweeting to us with @CarolsCookies remember to use the hashtag #AskMeAnything or email us at Carol wants to hear from you! #AskMeAnything.

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