Carol's Cookies Cookie Company
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Baking with Carol

Carol's Cookies Cookie-in-a-Bowl

Carol's Cookie-in-a-Bowl is the ultimate in easy cookie recipes. Watch as she creates a chocolate chip cookie version (and piles it with ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and strawberries--yum!), then make your own!

Carol's Cookies Bites

Cookie bites made out of Carol's Cookies cookie dough are a sweet treat and a fun activity for the kids! Carol walks you through them and also shares her cookie bites alternative: cookie cupcakes.Carol's Cookies Pizza Recipe

Carol's Cookies Pizza Recipe

Carol's cookie pizza recipe calls for two simple ingredients: Carol's Cookies cookie dough and a little elbow grease. (And of course the bonus ingredient that goes hand-in-hand with Carol's Cookies: TLC!) Bake for just 11-12 minutes, and voila! Instant cookie pizza!

Carol's Cookies Pie Crust

Learn how to make a tasty cookie pie crust with Carol's Cookies cookie crumbs. Carol shows you how to break up the cookies and mold the crumb crust, then fill the crust with your favorite ice cream or yogurt for a complete cookie pie treat!